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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

A Mother’s Message

“My twelve-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at 27 months of age. Recently her occupational therapist indicated that craniosacral fascial therapy would augment her occupational therapy.

The Gillespie Approach not only helped with her occupational therapy program, but it also enhanced my daughter’s quality of life! I have a calmer, confident, and more engaged child. Her speech and coordination are improving, and my husband and I couldn’t be more pleased. Craniosacral fascial therapy was the missing piece for her.

My only regret is that we did not know of the Gillespie Approach sooner. It has been a game changer for my daughter.”

Dr. Barry Gillespie’s Response

The Gillespie Approach, while not the sole answer, can be an important part of the program for an autistic child. I have found that virtually every child with ASD has a zero-second brain cycle and severe fascial neck strain pulling into the cranium. In seeing ASD children for thirty years, I have developed the following clinical protocol:

The child sits in the middle of the treatment table with her/his legs hanging off. Mom stands right in front of him/her with a toy or video. If dad is available, he is sitting on the table with his arm around the child.

From behind the child, I place both my hands on the back of his/her neck. I will just listen to the body and wait for strain to appear and release. I then give the child a break.

I will continue this technique for the entire session. I do baby steps in therapy, knowing that one session will not release all the fascial strain. At the end of the visit I will recheck the brain cycle, now usually at 30 to 50 seconds.

I will usually need a few more visits to help free up the neck fascia to attain a nice 200-second brain cycle. If the neck muscles are especially tight, I refer the child to a massage therapist.

Over the visits the parents usually report some positive changes. I believe that the Gillespie Approach can be an important piece of the ASD puzzle.

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Dr. Barry Gillespie

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