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Craniostenosis Revisited

A specialist at a world famous medical center recently told a family that their two-month-old son had a fused sagittal suture, craniostenosis, and needed brain surgery.

Everyone sees the world differently. I saw a zero-second brain cycle baby with this tight presentation:

1. Both parietal bones were severely internally rotated and wedged tightly together at the sagittal suture due to engagement in the pelvis for at least one month—ouch.

2. The umbilical cord was wrapped tightly around his neck/throat at birth creating fascial pressure in his head.

3. The fascia in his lower back was pulling into his head creating more pressure.

Just one of these aspects could create a zero-second brain cycle, mimicking craniostenosis. After his first Gillespie Approach session, his brain cycle opened to 30 seconds. With the parietal bones moving, the sagittal suture was not permanently fused in my world.

On the second visit the cord-wrapped layer of his onion surfaced, and he shot up to a 90-second brain cycle after the session.

I have seen many babies diagnosed with craniostenosis in my career; I have never seen a “true” case where the sutures were fused and did not respond to the Gillespie Approach.

PLEASE look out for these babies. You could possibly save them from invasive surgery.

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