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Parental Anxiety and Fear

I am seeing a Florida baby, referred by Jennifer Tow, born at home with a midwife on 1/1/15. Mom relates a general stiffness of her baby with stuck shoulders and limited hand movement. Her legs are tight, painful nursing for mom, and some constipation. She has had two tongue-tie surgeries. I am clinically seeing zero cycles, heavy arching, deep pelvic and pec strain pulling into the floor of mouth, tongue, and both TMJs. In my world she is tight from birth trauma, and I expect her to do well with our work.

The point of this post is that mom and dad have consulted with their local “holistic” pediatrician and two neurologists. They told her that her baby could possibly have cerebral palsy, torticollis, craniostenosis, microcephaly, autism spectrum, strabismus, and/or Rett’s syndrome. The neurologist went into detail about the brain surgery for the craniostenosis. The parents went to the Web to read about each condition, and we all know that is never good. I was floored on the emotional roller coaster they and their extended family have been on. I would be in incredible fear if it was my baby.

Maybe this baby is just TIGHT…..maybe the craniosacral fascial system is just restricted…..and if this work had been done right at birth, there may have been a good possibility that the parents would never have gone through this incredible anxiety and fear of the unknown. How often is this story repeated? Our solution is to do the BBS/CFT/IDM model at birth to create strain-free happy babies. We acknowledge that these diseases exist for some babies, but we believe that our newborn work could save a tremendous amount of family anxiety for the great majority of infants.

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