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Possible Craniostenosis

A family presented yesterday with concerns over their baby’s possible craniostenosis. In the course of their medical care, a provider mentioned that term. After reading the craniostenosis posts on my website, they asked for my opinion. The grandmother kiddingly said I had worked on her friend’s babies about 30 years ago.

The baby’s head was tight with a zero brain cycle; some may interpret that restriction as the cranial bones fusing together prematurely. But in one visit of CFT his brain cycle amazingly went to 180 seconds. Motion precludes fused cranial sutures. Interesting over my career, I have never seen a true case of craniostenosis. The craniosacral fascial system has always been able to free up well with CFT.

Compassion drives our work. We are especially trying to make a difference at birth by helping to relieve as much suffering as possible. It is our hope that one day millions of children will be able to benefit from our endeavors.

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Dr. Barry Gillespie

Dr. Barry Gillespie founded Gillespie Approach–Craniosacral Fascial Therapy, which provides patients with a freely moving brain, spinal cord and fascial web, all critical to optimal health. Dr. Barry Gillespie also created the Baby Brain Score and discovered effective therapeutic techniques for newborns and infants. Read more about Dr. Barry Gillespie.

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