Dr. Barry Gillespie’s Office

The King of Prussia Medical Center, Suite 203
491 Allendale Road
King of Prussia, PA 19406
Phone: 610–265–2522

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King of Prussia Mall
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Dr. Gillespie maintains a private practice in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. The office is about five minutes from the King of Prussia Mall and has plenty of parking. For patients traveling and staying overnight, the mall is the largest in America. Also, Valley Forge National Park, a noted tourist attraction where George Washington wintered in 1778 with his troops, is about a mile away.

Dr. Gillespie is also on the staff at The Family Hope Center in Norristown. At this location, he sees only special-needs children who are receiving full care there. Most of these patients fly in from Europe.

How Do Appointments Work?

Very simply stated, Dr. Gillespie will evaluate and treat any patient with a brain that needs to breathe. For more than 40 years, almost every patient has come to him with “incurable condition(s).” Patients may already have been to the best medical centers in America. This is routine for Dr. Gillespie. The critical factor is that no medical professional checked patients’ brain motion and fascial function. If these two aspects are significantly contributing to the problem(s), which is true in most cases, there is a good chance for correction.

About Your Visit

Dr. Gillespie is known for being on time for his appointments. Newborns will need only a 30-minute visit for evaluation and therapy. Every child and adult patient will need an evaluation visit of 30 minutes. Dr. Gillespie will personally take the history, do the clinical examination, discuss therapy and answer any questions. You will be under no obligation to begin therapy.

Each therapy visit will be 30 minutes. Dr. Gillespie does not have an associate, and you will see him at every visit for care. If you would like to begin therapy with him for your child or yourself during that first visit, please schedule a 60-minute visit with the receptionist.

Dr. Gillespie has been retired from periodontics since 1997 and no longer practices dentistry. But he will give you his opinion on your oral situation as it relates to brain motion and fascial restriction.

If you are driving a distance to the office, after the first visit you can schedule a 60-minute therapy visit to cut down your travel time over the series of treatments. There is no contract to sign for future visits, and patients pay at each visit. Dr. Gillespie usually recommends four to five visits to see a response to therapy. He wants you to see an improvement before continuing the work.

The Airport and Your Stay

If you are flying in for care, please rent a car at the Philadelphia International Airport and book a hotel room in King of Prussia (zip code 19406). All the major hotel chains are in the area. Because King of Prussia’s roads can be confusing for many international people, who may not be fluent in English, Dr. Gillespie may come to your hotel for your evaluation and treatment.

Insurance will not cover therapy, even if there is a full recovery. Local checks are welcomed. Sorry, credit cards are not taken. Please call the office at 610-265-2522 for the fee schedule and other questions. Dr. Gillespie will happily talk to you at no charge if you have any specific questions about yourself or your child. If he does not think he can help, he will tell you on the phone to avoid a trip to the office. If you would like to email him, a form is presented in this section.

Dr. Gillespie will make every effort to be open and honest about you and/or your child’s situation. Please ask him questions at any time during your care. He wants fully informed and happy people. His goal is to have healthy newborns, children and adults who do not need him anymore. That is the big reason why his schedule is open for new patients.