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Enjoy Gillespie Approach–Craniosacral Fascial Therapy testimonials. You’ll see all testimonials showcased in the carousel below followed by highlights from select testimonials with buttons linking to the full stories.

Dr. Barry Gillespie enjoys receiving this kind of feedback from his patients as it helps him grow in providing Gillespie Approach–Craniosacral Fascial Therapy and helps inspire prospective patients to book their first session.

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Testimonial Highlights

Nine-Year-Old Boy Suffering From Daily Bedwetting and Constipation Issues Experiences Remarkable Improvements

A mother writes:

After our third session with Dr. Gillespie, my son was having bowel movements every other day! By our fourth session, my son had gone every day for nine days in a row! We were so amazed, happy, and impressed!

… By our eighth session, my son held 95% of his pee until the morning, but there was still some wetness in his Goodnites. We kept going to finish releasing the strain in his right groin area. After our 16th session, it was Christmas morning again! My son had made it the entire night!

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Tara Allen: With Gillespie Approach Treatment, “An Entirely Different Child”

My daughter (first-born child) was born at 42 weeks after an unmedicated, uncomplicated, but extremely precipitous and grueling labor that lasted a mere six hours. She came out with her fists clenched, and though I didn’t know what it meant at the time, I knew it signified something deeper.

The first three days of breastfeeding were grueling. I pushed past the pain and it resolved, but she nursed what felt like 24/7, choked a lot on breastmilk, and spit up or projectile vomited frequently.

… By the end of all of our sessions with Dr. Gillespie, she had a brain cycle of over 200 seconds and was an entirely different child.

Read “With Gillespie Approach Treatment, ‘An Entirely Different Child'”

Grandmother: “I Thank God for Dr. Gillespie, Kim, and Holly”

There was a noticeable change in [my granddaughter’s] skull, and a very small soft spot could be felt. In addition, she was having less reflux, she was sleeping better, and she had only three episodes of the hiccups when, previously, she was having multiple episodes every day since birth. … I was so impressed with the Gillespie Approach Training sessions that I’ve taken up a collection to send my massage therapist to the Foundation and Infant Trainings this fall. I will be taking the Foundation Training as well.

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Longtime Patient: “The Gillespie Approach Literally Saved My Life”

The Gillespie Approach literally saved my life 35 years ago. Since then, I have experienced multiple concussions, and Dr. Gillespie has been there at every turn to bring my body back into balance and restore healthy brain function.

Read “Concussion Revisited”

Baby With Hydrocephalus Experiences Improvement With Gillespie Approach Treatment

It was so amazing to be able to show the parents how touching points on a sleeping baby would produce such a strong reaction. I kept going back and then took a break, and then went back and got a weaker reaction. Eventually, it was all released, and the baby no longer experienced any tension. After all the crying for the five sessions, to end with that was so beautiful.

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Woman Suffering From Panic Attacks, Gagging and Back and Neck Pain Proclaims: “This Therapy Has Been Life-Changing for Me”

This therapy has been life-changing for me. I firmly believe it is a foundational treatment that everyone should receive at birth to avoid these issues later in life.

Read “The Root of Panic Attacks and Gagging”

Mother: “We Noticed an Immediate Change in His Disposition”

My son was born at 32 weeks. He has been diagnosed with Pierre Robin Sequence (cleft palate and micrognathia) and 22q11 microduplication. He failed his newborn hearing screen twice. He was in the NICU for 67 days. … This is a phenomenal modality. If you have an infant child, and you are on the fence, I highly recommend giving it a try!

Read “Mother: ‘Immediate Change’ in Baby’s Disposition”

Former Child Patient Returns for Therapy for Her Baby: Gas Pains, Trunk Strength and Head Control Are Improving

Although she has been to only one session so far, I already see Brooklyn’s gas pains, trunk strength and head control improving. … Thank you, Dr. Gillespie. I will forever be grateful for your work and all of the treatment and help you have given me—and now for how you’re helping my baby girl.

Read “Baby’s Gas Pains, Trunk Strength and Head Control Are Improving”

Katrina Pearson: “This Approach Changed Our Lives and Our Baby”

This approach changed our lives and our baby. He was tight, constipated, fussy and couldn’t be on a hard surface (anywhere not in arms) for more than five minutes. I very much ascribe to attachment parenting, but it was too much. He was constantly nursing with poor latching and just not contented.

At five months, we finally traveled to another state to stay with family for a few months and get care. After the first session, I put him on the floor, and he played there for 20 minutes. A few days later, he was crawling. His whole body went from rigid to soft and relaxed after one session. Completely changed his life and ours.

Amanda Jane Brooks: Baby Experiencing Improvement

Baby had a lot of strain in the jaw, diaphragm, ribs, shoulders and feet. After two treatment sessions, mum reported a 90% improvement in the reflux symptoms. Now baby is only vomiting a very small amount after a comfort feed from both breasts, once every two to three days. All trapped-wind issues have resolved.

We did a third session as teeth have started to erupt. At the beginning of the session, baby was very grouchy and not very keen on my presence! But by the end, [the baby] was super-relaxed, with lots of smiles and cuddles for me.

Read “Reflux and Gas Symptoms Improve”

Krystil McDowall: “It Has to Run Its Own Course”

No matter how quickly you want your CFT journey to go, it has to run its own course. You can’t hurry it up. Dr. Gillespie is probably the most efficient CFT practitioner around but even he couldn’t magically release all the strain our daughter had, as much as I wish he could have. My newborn baby had about 32 hours of treatment, and there wasn’t any way to speed up that process.

At a couple of different points, I remember resenting CFT. But when I analyzed my own thoughts, it wasn’t CFT that I resented; it was the fact that I had a baby that needed so much treatment. I just imagine how much worse she would have been if we didn’t have access to this wonderful treatment. I imagine our lives would look very different right now, and not in a good way.

To all of you wonderful people practicing this very important work, I salute you. The world needs this work so much and I am grateful from the bottom of my heart that this work is in the world today.

Read “A Mother’s CFT Journey for Her Newborn Daughter”

Lauren Mitchell: “Treatment at Birth … Is So Crucial”

I took my sister to see Dr. G. today! She has been complaining of neck and upper and middle back pain for a long time. Her body naturally went into an arch starting high up into her neck. These pictures show that she was an archer in utero with the cord wrapped around her neck. You can clearly see the red marks/lines that resemble exactly where the umbilical cord was wrapped, most likely several times. The fascia remembers the trauma from the cord being wrapped, and, when you take your first breath, that’s when it kicks in! Fascia remembers the birth trauma! Fascia remembers all of the trauma!

My message is that treatment at birth or within a week of birth is so crucial because, if you wait too long, the fascia is locked in and the body has compensated. That is when the symptoms start to present themselves: TMJ, tongue tie, torticollis, latching issues, colic, chronic ear infections, migraines, ADD and ADHD, speech delay—just to name a few.

Getting CFT as a newborn will create a lifetime of structural immunity! Sign me up!

Read “Fascia Remembers All of the Trauma”

Lauren Mitchell’s Baby Boy: “The Results Are Tremendous”

I am writing about my newborn baby boy. After three sessions of craniosacral fascial therapy (CFT) with Dr. Barry Gillespie, I can confidently say the results are tremendous.

I knew when I had my second baby, even if he or she didn’t have anything that stood out, I would take him or her to Barry just to release any tightness from general birth trauma. My new baby had significant strain in his pelvis and private area from his circumcision. It was a few hours after his first treatment at four days old that I noticed a difference. Before therapy, when I would lay him down to change him, he’d hike one hip up. After Barry worked through some of that tightness, I could tell he was able to lengthen out his hips and legs much more comfortably.

If the trauma is left untreated, the body can go a lifetime with a list of symptoms and conditions. Drugs or surgeries may just treat the symptoms to only create more trauma. Sometimes it can be so easily resolved at the beginning of life with the simplicity of CFT.

Dr. Gillespie founded and has been practicing CFT for over 40 years. We are so blessed to know and have him.

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Barbara Chambers: “Within Minutes, the Lungs Cleared”

I administered CFT to the baby while lying on the mother’s chest and, within minutes, the lungs cleared.

Together with life-saving colostrum, which has a high oxygen content, the baby recovered nicely and had no further issues with breathing. CFT is still for me the most noninvasive technique post-birth and the most cost-effective.

Read “Wet Lung Syndrome”

Marion Ramirez: “After One Therapy … Seizures Stopped”

Barry’s therapy has been invaluable for our family. We took our son because he was experiencing weekly convulsive seizures. After one therapy, these seizures stopped and he hasn’t had any more in three months.

My husband and I started receiving the craniosacral therapy, too. I personally was looking for help with migraines, which I normally experience every three weeks.

Every day, I feel better. All the symptoms related to the migraines such as fogginess, blurred vision, upset stomach, tirednessneck tension and headache have just disappeared.

Read “Son’s Weekly Convulsive Seizures Stop With Gillespie Approach Treatment”

Training Graduate Aiding Sister

Last week, my 36-year-old sister was having eye issues and went to the ophthalmologist to get checked. The doctor sent her straight to the ER for an MRI after finding pretty severe papilledema in both eyes (inflammation of the optic nerve) and told her it could be a pseudo tumor (idiopathic intracranial hypertension), MS or a brain tumor. … .

She started with a zero-second brain cycle and ended with a brain cycle of 80.

Read “Course Graduate Aiding Sister”

Baby Experiences Improvement in Breastfeeding and Toe Walking

Every. Single. Feeding. Was painful. No answers from “pros.”

As a last-ditch effort, we drove 3½ hours one way to see a Gillespie Approach practitioner, Michale Chatham. After 40 minutes of Gillespie Approach, he stopped walking on his toes. That week, he said words we’d never heard him say plus he self-regulated his emotions more.

The Gillespie Approach often resolves oral restriction mimicking tongue tie or helps prehabilitate or rehabilitate alongside surgical revision when it’s truly necessary.

Read “Baby Experiences Improvement in Breastfeeding”

Cassie Webster: “Y’all, This Baby Is a New Baby”

We took him to Philly to see Dr. Barry Gillespie to do Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT) to help with his torticollis. What we got was so much more. …

Not only was he able to loosen the fascia in his neck, but he loosened the fascia around his digestive organs. And y’all, this baby is a new baby. He is calm, his colic is completely gone and you can just tell he is more relaxed.

As a mother, this is by far the best decision I have made for my child thus far. I no longer have to constantly hold him to comfort him, his nursing has improved and he is sleeping much longer.

Read “Torticollis and Colic Corrected in Baby”

Jenni Van Dalen Sutherland: Baby Experiences Rapid Health Turnaround

It’s really amazing what a “little strain” can do! I recently saw a 2-week-old baby boy who had still not gained any weight, hadn’t pooped without a suppository, and mom felt wasn’t getting a great latch.

… At his first visit, he released mostly some left TMJ down his left neck. He immediately latched well, ate and fell asleep. At his weight check the next day, he had gained an ounce.

… But after the second appointment, he pooped on his own, continued to nurse well and, at his next weight check, had gained 6 ounces.

Read “Baby Releases Strain on Way to Gaining Weight”

Leslie Tivoli Curtis: “Thank You for Helping This Love of My Life”

“The proof is in the pudding. Gives me goosebumps. Your work is astounding. Thank you for helping this love of my life.”

Read “Red Umbilical Cord Mark Appears in Patient”

Brian Rossiter: “Opens Windows in Your Brain You Never Knew You Had”

Holistic health coach:, and

Dr. Barry Gillespie opens windows in your brain you never knew you had, getting your brain to breathe and improving cognitive function.

Dr. Loose, as he’s known, also has the magic touch when it comes to releasing strain, which can hold people back from living as they’re designed and in their purest essence. I have benefited from multiple sessions with Dr. Gillespie and learned so much about Gillespie Approach–Craniosacral Fascial Therapy during a course I took in April 2016. I recommend Dr. Gillespie’s patient and educational services and am happy to know he’s working hard to give every newborn the best opportunity to thrive in life.

Myriam Mimo Jaman: Daughter’s Torticollis Resolved

Dr. Barry resolved our daughter’s torticollis in just a few sessions. We’re forever grateful. He is just amazing!

Parent: “She Is a Different Baby! She Is a Happy Baby!”

Things that are worth it usually take time and effort, and our daughter is still on the path to wellness, but the change we have seen in her over just 10 appointments is monumental.

She is a different baby! She is a happy baby. Her permanent scowl is now a permanent smile. Feeding is so much easier, and she never spits up. Her startle reflex is calmed, and she is not constantly in fight-or-flight mode. We are able to put her down. If you are a parent, you know how big that is! She giggles now. It is the best sound in the world.

Read “From a Scowl and Screams to a Smile and Giggles”

Parent on Baby: “She Is So Much Happier”

I am so amazed! We are feeling so happy, so thankful, so blessed! Our little Reya was lucky enough to receive 5 CFT sessions this weekend. What a difference it has made in her! She is generally so much happier, she’s sleeping better, her body is not as stiff, she’s feeding less often and I think more efficiently, she’s having more dirty diapers, she has been more alert, she lifts her head up a little more than before, and for the first time she has now been able to grasp toys and get them to her mouth!

We tried the first day of class, and she wouldn’t, and I told the therapists that she doesn’t do that yet … . On our way home, she did so multiple times! Even bringing her own hands to her mouth and exploring—she never did this before! I’m sure there are so many more changes happening in her little body, but these are what we notice right now. What a blessing to have been able to attend this weekend of therapy! Thank you to all who were there and all who helped our little girl! I can’t wait to learn how to do this myself, but meanwhile, I appreciate all of you who have taken the time and energy to learn it!

Gillespie Approach Helps Son Suffering From Hypertropia

My son was a happy and healthy baby. He started wearing glasses to correct his nearsightedness at the age of four. After getting an updated pair of glasses at age six, his piano teacher noticed that he was having a challenging time keeping track of his place in the music and seeing the notes clearly. I was quite confused as to how he could be having these issues with a new pair of glasses. …

Having success with my older son’s issues, Dr. Gillespie agreed to work with my younger son and his hypertropia. … Upon completing his regular examination, the optometrist gave us the wonderful news that a prism will not be needed in his new lens since the condition is no longer present. I cried happy tears of joy.

Read “Hypertropia”

“I’m Extremely Grateful”

I now can take more satisfying breaths. I also notice a change in the way my body feels. I find it easier to stand and sit up straight with proper posture, making me feel more confident. I’m extremely grateful and hope others in similar situations can learn of this work as well.”

Read “A Family’s Feelings About The Gillespie Approach”

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“Dr. Gillespie Began to Help His Body Correct Itself”

My son was born in May 2019. Throughout my pregnancy, the ultrasounds showed his head down quite early with his twin brother on top of him for months. At five months of age, our pediatrician referred him to physical therapy for torticollis and a head tilt. His low muscle tone resulted in falling behind in his gross motor skills.

Dr. Gillespie made me feel heard and answered all of my questions at the first appointment. He described my son’s structural issue and began to help his body correct itself as opposed to just managing his condition.

Read “Twin Fetal Compression”

Child Gains Significant Breathing Improvement

From birth my son had a gurgling sound in his breathing. After many tests, the doctors said it was allergies and reflux. We have spent ten years with an allergist as our guide doing all the standard allergy medications, steroids, inhalers, and shots.

At ten years of age, we saw Dr. Gillespie for a series of appointments as a compliment to the OMT therapy we were trying. My son progressively got looser and began breathing correctly from his belly. Currently, he is taking larger breaths and running for longer periods of time without tiring. His face does not get blotchy red anymore when he’s doing extremely active things.

Read “The #1 Cause of Pediatric Asthma”

Child Experiences Benefits in Digestive System and Range of Movements

There was improvement to the digestive system symptoms almost immediately. She hiccups very infrequently, and bowel movements are usually daily. She has a much improved range of movements. She now prefers to sleep on her left side, which was the least-favoured side.

Read “Baby’s Digestion and Frequency of Bowel Movements Improve”

Mother: “CFT Has Changed Both Our Lives”

During the therapy, I always felt relaxed knowing my baby was in good hands. I’m always encouraged to be close by and provide my baby with a break or comfort whenever he needs it. (This mum always commented how relaxed her baby was during CFT).

CFT has changed both our lives.

I would say to you to book a session as soon as you notice any concerns or symptoms. I didn’t know anything about CFT before, but I wish I had known earlier as it worked wonders for both of us. I’ll be telling all my friends who go on to have an assisted birth or difficult birth where babies present with the above problems in the early weeks to begin CFT. I’m not sure what we’d have done or where we’d be now without it!

Read “Baby’s Digestive and Sleeping Issues Improve with Gillespie Approach”

Child Tells Parent: “It’s Like Somebody Lifted the Clouds”

Our lives have been changed in ways that no one else has been able to do and in ways that I never thought possible.

He came running into the kitchen around the three-month mark to share with me that, “It’s like somebody lifted the clouds.” I collapsed to the floor in disbelief and elation.

Even the school’s occupational therapist observed how he had gone from a child who was “struggling in four out of five developmental areas” to “a completely typical child.”

Read “Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Healing Stories”

A Collection of Down Syndrome Healing Stories

Yesterday, during a routine checkup, her pediatrician in Arizona exclaimed: “I cannot believe that this is the same child I examined a few years ago. Her progress has been remarkable.”

… He made excellent developmental progress in achieving his crawling, creeping, and walking mobility goals as well as gaining a greatly enhanced ability to feel and interact with his surroundings.

… Her changes have been sweeping. She runs, swims, and bikes three times a week. Her vision has dramatically improved. She is an avid reader, and her language expands every day. At the age of 11 she is finally opening herself to a world that has a positive future for her and us.

Read “Down Syndrome Healing Stories”

Parent: “She Is Slowly Coming out of Her Trapped Body”

After eight CFT treatments, our son was calmer, his head and body structures changed for the better, and his overall health improved.

She is slowly coming out of her trapped body into the joy and awareness of family life.

Read “Cerebral Palsy Healing Stories”

Parent: Gillespie Approach Helps Son Triumph Over Asthma

I can’t begin to tell you how this approach has changed our lives. Today, he is an athletic 12-year-old boy. He plays soccer, baseball, basketball, and even made it to the regional finals for track. This would have never happened without CFT.

Before the treatment, he would have to come off the soccer field winded several times in a game. Today, he can run longer and faster than most of the players on his team. I was so taken with this work that I became trained and now successfully do CFT for other asthmatic children.

Read “Pediatric Asthma Healing Story”

Children Experience Health Turnaround With Learning Disorders

Before CFT, I would spend hours with him going over his homework and helping him with his reading. Those days are over! It was like a light bulb went off in his brain!

I believe that CFT was a critical piece of her wellness puzzle. Not only has this treatment tremendously helped her and our family, but it has given us hope to encourage her to reach her fullest potential.

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Son With Dyslexia: “I Can Think So Clearly Now”

Eventually, he realized the benefits when he said, “I can think so clearly now.” He became a faster runner and more agile in sports. He was overjoyed one day playing volleyball when he said, “Mom, I can see the ball the whole time.” He had always been getting hit in the head because he was unable to track the ball.

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Parent: “The Treatment’s Impact Was Immediate and Pronounced”

One of their treatments was CFT. Dr. Barry Gillespie assessed my son’s cranial motion at zero seconds. During cranial surgery, the rhythm of his brain was severely restricted. Dr. Gillespie spent the first session helping to restore better cranial motion. … The treatment’s impact was immediate and pronounced. I was so impressed that I took Dr. Gillespie’s CFT training to treat my three other children.

Read “Brain Trauma Healing Story”

Parent: “My Daughter Would Not Be the Person She Is Today”

Without CFT, my daughter would not be the person she is today and would not be leading the life she has come to love.

Read “Headache Healing Story”

Gillespie Approach Contributes to “Fantastic Results” in Epilepsy Patient

A wonderful neurological program, a healthy diet, a respiratory program, and CFT have yielded fantastic results.

Read “Epilepsy Healing Stories”

Parent: Gillespie Approach Helps Improve Child’s Hearing

Almost three years later, she hears almost normally with her hearing aids. She does not have a verbal language yet but tries to sing her favorite songs. She reacts right away to sounds and her name.

Read “Genetic Complications Healing Story”

Parent: “Ear Infections Have Been Fully Resolved”

I am thrilled that his ear infections have been fully resolved. He has had several colds over the years without incidence with his ears. I am quite happy that I have not had to give him antibiotics and did not follow through with the ear surgery.

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