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The #1 Cause of Pediatric Asthma

A Mother’s Story

“From birth my son had a gurgling sound in his breathing. After many tests, the doctors said it was allergies and reflux. We have spent ten years with an allergist as our guide doing all the standard allergy medications, steroids, inhalers, and shots.

Sickness was an asthma emergency most of the time until we calmed everything down with steroids. So although we have kept out of the hospital for a few years, it has never been a ‘normal’ life of breathing for my son. We have maintained, but never thrived.

At ten years of age we saw Dr. Gillespie for a series of appointments as a compliment to the OMT therapy we were trying. My son progressively got looser and began breathing correctly from his belly.

Currently, he is taking larger breaths and running for longer periods of time without tiring. His face does not get blotchy red anymore when he’s doing extremely active things. Previously, he lived life with an almost perpetually stuffy nose, even on several sprays and meds. It is only occasional now.

With the scare of how viruses affects breathing, it has been so good to be actively working on his lungs and improving his breathing so that he can better take on any illness that comes his way. I’m anticipating any sickness with hope and not dread.”

Dr. Gillespie’s Response

Having worked with hundreds of breathing-impaired children over the past 40 years, I believe that fascial strain in the respiratory system is the primary cause of pediatric asthma. The root of the problem for many children appears to exist in soft tissue birth trauma, especially in the diaphragmatic area.

We can safely assume in this case that birth trauma in his diaphragmatic and lower esophageal sphincter areas caused his breathing and reflux issues. His body has held this diaphragmatic strain for ten years, and without this therapy, he could have possibly borne it for his entire lifetime.
The Gillespie Approach helped to release this fascial strain over a series of visits to gradually improve his natural belly breathing. I believe that the work at birth could have prevented this ten-year scenario of suffering and family anguish.

Please share this story on behalf of all the world’s newborns. Thank you.

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