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Baby Releases Strain on Way to Gaining Weight

It’s really amazing what a “little strain” can do! I recently saw a 2-week-old baby boy who had still not gained any weight, hadn’t pooped without a suppository, and mom felt wasn’t getting a great latch.

This is mom’s fifth baby so not her “first rodeo,” so to speak, but this was totally new for her. At his first visit, he released mostly some left TMJ down his left neck. He immediately latched well, ate and fell asleep. At his weight check the next day, he had gained an ounce.

I followed up with him two days later, and he continued to release left TMJ and neck strains and some pelvic and lower abdominal with a very mild arch. All strains I could feel but far from dramatic compared to others I’ve seen, and they released quite quickly. It all seemed so mild and simple.

But after the second appointment, he pooped on his own, continued to nurse well and, at his next weight check, had gained 6 ounces.

If only I had gotten to see him at birth.


Hoping she’ll spread the word!

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