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Baby’s Digestion and Frequency of Bowel Movements Improve

January 2020 | Stockport, England | Baby attended 4 to 6 months old

I first heard of Craniosacral Fascial Therapy through Suzanne [Wild] at a baby class (baby massage).

My baby strongly preferred to look to her right side. This was believed to be the cause of breastfeeding issues we had experienced. Her movement also seemed limited. She hiccupped after every feed, frequently went four to five days between bowel movements and was unsettled for 36 hours prior to every bowel movement (crying and drawing her legs up, etc). Looking back, on a scale of mild to severe, I would rate my concerns as moderate to severe, with the digestive symptoms being severe. We’ve been for six sessions of CFT over a few weeks.

Yes! There was improvement to the digestive system symptoms almost immediately. She hiccups very infrequently, and bowel movements are usually daily. She has a much improved range of movements. She now prefers to sleep on her left side, which was the least-favoured side.

My concerns are now mild.

I felt a bit anxious at first during CFT. She would cry, and I didn’t know if it was fair to put her through something that upset her; however, I could see the improvements after every session. During the third session, she was a lot calmer; she seemed to have a breakthrough. She was much calmer thereafter, and so I was happy to continue.

The cost may be considered high, especially at a time when parents’ incomes are becoming stretched; however, when multiple problems arise, people would pay anything to help their baby. I certainly think the improvements we have seen would be worth £300 (six sessions). I would say to you if you have similar concerns about your baby, give CFT a try! I don’t know exactly how it works, but it did for our baby. ?

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