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The Root of Panic Attacks and Gagging

A young woman presented with chronic pain and found the root of her healing by clearing her tight throat, causing her underlying panic attacks and gagging.

She emails: “Unable to hold my chiropractic adjustments, I saw Dr. Gillespie after reading an article about how craniosacral fascial therapy can help heal tension in the body. At 31, I had been going to the chiropractor religiously for 3½ years after injuring my back and suffering neck pain ever since.

I felt addicted with three visits per week when my pain was so bad. I would have muscle spasms in my neck and not be able to turn my head to the side. Although chiropractic helped the pain, the root issue did not seem to be resolving.

Dr. Gillespie identified severe fascial strains in my neck, cranial area, and pelvic floor. I had not told him that I was also in pelvic floor physical therapy for over a year for tight muscles.

For a couple days after my first session, I had severe pain in my neck. Dr. Gillespie assured me this was the fascia releasing. As I continued therapy, the neck pain significantly improved.

After a couple months, the pain and tightness in my pelvic floor also got much better, and I was much looser and more balanced. I also noticed that the migraines I had for most of my life were gone.

Shortly afterwards, I began to experience debilitating panic attacks with uncontrollable gagging during the attack. Dr. Gillespie found a lot of strain connecting into my throat area, he called, ‘deeper layers in my onion of trauma‘. Under stress, my throat gets tight due to birth trauma, I have trouble breathing, and panic ensues.

We worked for months to release many layers of tension and trauma in my pelvic floor pulling in the fascial web on my throat and neck. Slowly but surely, the gagging improved and the panic attacks subsided where I now no longer experience them.

This therapy has been life-changing for me. I firmly believe it is a foundational treatment that everyone should receive at birth to avoid these issues later in life.”

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