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A Mother Emails

“My son was a happy and healthy baby. He started wearing glasses to correct his nearsightedness at the age of four. After getting an updated pair of glasses at age six, his piano teacher noticed that he was having a challenging time keeping track of his place in the music and seeing the notes clearly. I was quite confused as to how he could be having these issues with a new pair of glasses.

His optometrist diagnosed him with hypertropia in his right eye. This is a form of vertical strabismus where one eye turns upward. The doctor told us there was nothing we could do to correct this condition, and that my son would never be able to wear contact lenses.

To ‘correct’ the condition, a prism was incorporated into the right lens. Prisms enable objects to appear in a different location, ‘tricking’ the eye into an aligned position. He was as good as new and continued to have success with his piano playing. I was thrilled that the prism was allowing him to be successful, but it was only a band-aid.

After exploring options for a more permanent solution, I brought him to an optometrist who specialized in vision therapy. My son attended weekly therapy sessions and did home exercises for six months without much improvement.

Having success with my older son’s issues, Dr. Gillespie agreed to work with my younger son and his hypertropia. After finishing his therapy in three visits, my son had his annual visit with his optometrist.

Upon completing his regular examination, the optometrist gave us the wonderful news that a prism will NOT be needed in his new lens since the condition is no longer present. I cried happy tears of joy.”

Dr. Gillespie Responds

This boy had a trunk and neck fascial twist straining into his right eye. The world needs to “see” this concept.

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