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Lauren’s Story

By a happy mom

Our lactation consultant diagnosed my son with having posterior tongue tie at 4 weeks old. Before this time, we did not know why he was having such a difficult time breastfeeding. He was falling asleep at the breast and losing weight rapidly while I thought he was nursing. Suddenly, he just started rejecting breastfeeding altogether. I had to begin supplementing him with formula.

I went to Dr. Barry, Kristen and Mike after hearing about their Baby Brain Score/CFT infant clinic from my midwife. I am from Philly, but the reviews were so positive that I was willing to drive 1.5 hours each way to Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania. Driving up to the clinic, I thought I was mistakenly driving through a person’s cornfield. Kristen greeted me and kindly took down our story. With a calm confidence, she smiled at me, making me feel at home.

Minutes later, I went into a treatment room (in the basement of an Amish Health Food store) and was met by Barry and Mike. I placed my baby down on the table, and they began their work. It was a bit startling at first, I must add. Three adults were working on my son in rapid, vigorous but soothing rhythms. Yes, he cried but all in one quick moment, he relaxed and stopped crying and just dozed off. Barry said he was extremely tight in his shoulder and neck area. After two more of these sessions, which took about five minutes each time, we left. The baby slept for four hours after that treatment. When he woke up, he started breastfeeding. Just like that!

He slept most of the next 24 hours, only waking to nurse. He was back to feeding for three days and then started getting tight again and rejecting the breast. We took him back a week later and Barry said this was normal because the strain was not all out of his body. They did another three CFT sessions on him and, once again, baby Mack began breastfeeding even better. We returned five weeks later for a checkup with happy reports. Mack was still breastfeeding, gaining weight, and calmer. When we recently came for our fourth visit, he checked out well and was complete with therapy.

I am thankful for their amazing work. It was really a sight to see. The bottom line is the results were fast and lasting.

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