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Son’s Weekly Convulsive Seizures Stop With Gillespie Approach Treatment

Barry’s therapy has been invaluable for our family. We took our son because he was experiencing weekly convulsive seizures. After one therapy, these seizures stopped and he hasn’t had any more in three months. My husband and I started receiving the craniosacral fascial therapy, too. I personally was looking for help with migraines, which I normally experience every three weeks.

Every day, I feel better. All the symptoms related to the migraines such as fogginess, blurred vision, upset stomach, tiredness, neck tension and headache have just disappeared. My sensitivity to light and smells has decreased, and I am able to sleep much better than before. I have been to see Barry several times, and each time he helps me become aware of locations in my body where the fascia is trapped and tight. As I am a dancer and somatic movement educator, I am able to further work on this on my own but currently I have an access for releasing which I haven’t had prior to this therapy. Barry’s skill to support the unraveling of trauma within the body’s tissues is remarkable.

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