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Baby’s Digestive and Sleeping Issues Improve with Gillespie Approach

January 2020 | United Kingdom | Baby attended 2 to 4 months old

I heard of CFT through Suz at a baby group. My baby had issues with breastfeeding, digestive problems, passing wind, torticolis, he was only able to turn his head to the right and later on we found out he had tongue tie and his head was flat on the right side. These concerns were moderate to severe when we first went to CFT. He’s now had six or seven sessions and there’s been a huge improvement. Now the concerns are just mild.

CFT had an impact instantly after the first session. My baby turned his head more freely and even fell asleep with his head on the left side which I’d never seen before in 11 weeks.

His digestive issues have reduced hugely. In the evenings he is less fussy and distressed. He rolled over for the first time after one of the sessions as he was able to move his head back more (16 weeks).

During the therapy I always felt relaxed knowing my baby was in good hands. I’m always encouraged to be close by and provide my baby with a break or comfort whenever he needs it. (This Mum always commented how relaxed her baby was during CFT.)

CFT has changed both our lives.

I would say to you to book a session as soon as you notice any concerns/symptoms. I didn’t know anything about CFT before but I wish I had known earlier as it worked wonders for both of us. I’ll be telling all my friends who go on to have an assisted birth/difficult birth where babies present with the above problems in the early weeks to begin CFT. I’m not sure what we’d have done or where we’d be now without it!

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