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Cerebral Palsy Healing Stories

Our son was born with a cleft lip and palate, heart abnormalities, and low muscle tone. My husband and I consulted many doctors about his cerebral palsy and delays. One pediatrician told us to “just take him home and love him.” Early intervention therapies, which began at four months of age, never helped him. Even though doctors told us that he would probably never walk, we sought other opinions.

At two years of age, one of our searches led us to Dr. Barry Gillespie. He discussed the ramifications of our son’s zero-second brain cycle and his severe full-body fascial strain patterns. After eight CFT treatments, our son was calmer, his head and body structures changed for the better, and his overall health improved. Dr. Gillespie even trained me at his seminar to continue my son’s work at home.

Soon thereafter, we attended The Family Hope Center seminar and learned how cerebral palsy related to brain function. None of our doctors ever mentioned how we could help our son. We saw significant immediate changes in him with the program, which have continued for the last seven years. Family members and friends cannot believe his progress.

Matthew Newell and his team have the passion, vision, knowledge and experience to maximize a child’s potential. They focused on our son’s capabilities, rather than on his disabilities. They gave us answers where the other medical professionals had none. My son is becoming more independent every day. When he started walking a year and a half ago, my husband and I were overjoyed.

At birth, our daughter seemed fine but looked like a little mouse with a tiny cry. As a mother, I knew something was very wrong. She had difficulty nursing and would not calm down when I tried to comfort her. She would not respond to our touch, music, or loud sounds because she was blind, deaf, and lacked sensation. After she had her first seizure, my husband and I realized we had a very severe brain-injured baby.

We went to a world-class children’s hospital for evaluation. The endocrinologist said she had high thyroid and pituitary gland levels. There was no cure; he just changed her medication as her blood levels fluctuated. The gastroenterologist ordered a feeding tube. The neurologist stopped her seizures with medication, but she became a sleepy, groggy beauty. The geneticist did not find a matching disease syndrome. The internist had no answers. Even with the home physical therapy services, her body was getting tighter. She could not open her legs for me to change her diaper or even lift her arms. One doctor said to us, “This is what you are going to get, so focus on your other children.”

At the Family Hope Center we learned that CFT, brain development, and holistic wellness could heal a child with cerebral palsy from the inside out. After the first CFT session loosened her, we could open her legs and lift her arms. We intensely stimulated her vision, hearing, and sensation with a home program to make her aware of the world around her. When we gave her excellent nutrition, she started to eat by mouth, and the tube was removed. She also began to lift her head up. Later the endocrinologist said that her hormone levels stabilized. Under medical supervision, we stopped her seizure medicine, allowing her to be her true self. At home we ramped up her neurological program to keep her seizures at a minimum.

The Family Hope Center gave us the tools to awaken our daughter. She is slowly coming out of her trapped body into the joy and awareness of family life. They taught us how to remove as many obstacles as we can from her path to thrive. Now we have a little girl who can hear, see, feel, smell, and move her body. She enjoys hugs and kisses. Even though many more obstacles remain, my husband and I have power in knowledge and joy in our daughter’s healing.

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