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From a Scowl and Screams to a Smile and Giggles

A recent testimony from one of our moms here in Kansas City. This, right here, is why I became a Gillespie Approach practitioner.

I have to add, this little baby reminded me of my own son as an infant. They had similar strain, similar symptoms and similar responses to care. I can’t imagine where we would be with my now 4-year-old if not for the Gillespie Approach. This work changes lives. Not only for the babies but the parents and families, too!


Kansas City, Missouri

When Green Key Haven says they are The Happy Baby People, they are not overstating. We brought our daughter to Green Key Haven when she was 3 months old, and we had lovingly been referring to her as the saddest baby on earth. Sweet girl was born with a scowl and a permanent scream. If she started to cry, I would run as fast as I could to pick her up before it hit an intensity level that was no longer consolable. The only way to keep her from screaming was to nurse constantly, and then she would throw up what seemed to be buckets of milk. She was always in a state of fight or flight with her eyes wide, and pupils dilated. The slightest noise would startle her to screaming. If she wasn’t screaming, she was grunting and flexing, trying to get more comfortable. She looked like a little roly-poly bug with her back in a “C” shape, and her shoulders stuck next to her chin.

Poor baby was having a hard time, and everyone I talked to just brushed it off as “colic” or would say, “This is just what babies are like.” I had a gut or mom feeling that something was not right and resolved to figure out how to help her. I started researching and decided to try chiropractic care. I took her to my parents’ beloved chiropractor. I like to refer to that practice as a well-meaning assembly line. Baby girl got no relief from that weird clicking contraption they would adjust her with and would often throw up a bucket of milk after getting adjusted. The chiropractor we were seeing told us “she most likely has scoliosis,” and we were given a referral to see a specialist. From the research I did after that hefty diagnosis, I was confused and frustrated. We decided to look for a second opinion.

The first appointment with Green Key Haven was a breath of fresh air. I felt heard, validated and hopeful for the first time in months. When the words “Your instinct was right, you are in the right place, and we can help you” were said to my very sleep-deprived and weary heart, I couldn’t help but cry in front of this dear complete stranger. I told my husband when I got home that I either need to work for Green Key Haven or be their best friends. That’s how cool they are. I know this sounds totally unbelievable, but we saw relief in our daughter after the very first appointment! It was incredible.

Things that are worth it usually take time and effort and our daughter is still on the path to wellness, but the change we have seen in her over just 10 appointments is monumental. She is a different baby! She is a happy baby. Her permanent scowl is now a permanent smile. Feeding is so much easier, and she never spits up. Her startle reflex is calmed, and she is not constantly in fight-or-flight mode. We are able to put her down. If you are a parent, you know how big that is! She giggles now. It is the best sound in the world.

While this type of care is an expense, I am not kidding we would give Green Key Haven all of our money for what they have given us. We are forever grateful to Green Key Haven. They not only gave us a new baby but a new family dynamic. It has changed our life, and that is not an overstatement. Even if you don’t have anything wrong with you, just go to Green Key Haven!

Just do it!

It will change your life.

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