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Wet Lung Syndrome

By Barbara Chambers and Dr. Barry Gillespie

Soon after my son’s birth in 1975, doctors diagnosed him with wet lung syndrome. This is a condition where the amniotic fluid has not completely drained from the lungs at birth, prohibiting the infant from taking a full breath.

No one knew what to do at the time to correct the problem, and he spent five days recovering in the NICU in Newark, NJ. Today, the treatment is focused on breathing support. May be the root cause of the problem is in a restricted fascial web from birth trauma?

Today, I saw this brilliant post by Barbara Chambers from the Republic of South Africa. Thank you, Barbara, for your great work.

Barbara Chambers’ Post

“One of the births I went to was within 2 hours of birth. The midwife had called me as an IBCLC as she wanted help. The baby was skin to skin on the mother’s breast and had wet lungs.

I administered CFT to the baby while lying on the mother’s chest and within minutes the lungs cleared. Together with life-saving colostrum, which has a high oxygen content, the baby recovered nicely and had no further issues with breathing.

CFT is still for me the most non-invasive technique post-birth and the most cost-effective. As Dr. Barry Gillespie says, we live for the day that, like the Apgar is measured at birth, so, too, will the Baby Brain Score be measured at birth.

I feel both humbled and thankful to be able to do this work. It has been an enormous privilege being trained in this method.”

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