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Reflux and Gas Symptoms Improve

Thought I would add another infant review.

I saw the family originally for lactation support. I’m also an IBCLC. I noticed during our visit that baby had clear fascial strain patterns and clear head preference so I discussed this with mum.

Baby was vomiting approximately every 10 to 15 minutes throughout the whole day and struggling with a lot of trapped wind. This had been the case since birth.

Family doctor had wanted to medicate for reflux but mum was not keen on giving medication.

Baby had a lot of strain in the jaw, diaphragm, ribs, shoulders and feet.

After two treatment sessions, mum reported a 90% improvement in the reflux symptoms. Now baby is only vomiting a very small amount after a comfort feed from both breasts, once every two to three days. All trapped wind issues have resolved.

We did a third session as teeth have started to erupt. At the beginning of the session, baby was very grouchy and not very keen on my presence! But by the end, [the baby] was super-relaxed, with lots of smiles and cuddles for me. ?

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