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Learning Disorders Healing Stories

The First Child

My son had reading and learning difficulties that were very apparent by the second grade. We sent him to two reading specialists, one at his school and the other one privately. He always seemed to just get by in school, but I knew he had more potential ability. Then a few months after we started CFT in the third grade, he started to do much better, and his reading improved dramatically.

Before CFT I would spend hours with him going over his homework and helping him with his reading. Those days are over! It was like a light bulb went off in his brain! Today he is doing great in the sixth grade, and homework time is so much easier. Watching his confidence grow was the best reward. I am truly grateful that CFT has given him the opportunity to reach his full learning capabilities.

The Second Child

I brought my child to see Dr. Gillespie on a recommendation from a friend who had experienced positive results for her son. My daughter, suffering from dyslexia and ADHD, lived in a general fog, void of engaging with family and friends. Wellbutrin and Strattera did not give her optimal results. Throughout the years, my husband and I tried many therapies for her, both from alternative and traditional medicine. Needless to say, we never saw any concrete results until now.

After the first visit, Dr. Gillespie followed up to see how she was doing. My only reply was that it was like someone turned on her lights for the first time. The only way to describe how profound her response was to say that she woke up from her deep, sleepy life. Although unaware of this ongoing therapy, our family and friends also noticed the tremendous changes in her.

As the sessions progressed, my husband and I decided to take her off the Wellbutrin to see if she could maintain her attachment to our family and continue to be more engaging. I am pleased to report that five months later, she is here to stay. She is happy, talkative, and more emotionally involved than ever before. Her headaches are gone, and her digestion is much improved.

Since she has become more mentally aware, she is doing better academically. Currently, we are working on completely eliminating all drug therapy. At this point, she has also stopped taking Strattera, and her 10 mg dose of Ritalin on a school day is now down to 2.5 mg. She is also receiving behavioral psychological training to overcome her distractions. To help achieve maximum health, our entire family’s diet is now dairy– and gluten-free.

In summary, I believe that CFT was a critical piece of her wellness puzzle. Not only has this treatment tremendously helped her and our family, but it has given us hope to encourage her to reach her fullest potential.

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