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Listen to and Follow the Infant

By Lottie Jessop

I had a wonderful experience yesterday while working on a baby. It was so beautiful! He began to unwind very slowly for a few minutes, but when i had the mother place one hand under his sacrum and one hand over his umbilicus (I was supporting his head and shoulders), his tiny body began unwinding completely. We lifted him up and supported him while he twisted and turned. It appeared as though he was re-experiencing the entire birthing process. He unwound in a way that was like unwinding from the mothers contractions, getting into position, and going through the birth canal all over again. He then arched back, went into an upside down position and then began to cry and cry. His tiny voice was full of emotional release, and then it stopped. He calmed and lay quiet with eyes so wide and bright. I felt as though God had been doing the work himself. The neat thing to me was how his body didn’t really respond much until the mother placed her hands in that position. After we were done she said “that was the strangest feeling. I wasn’t doing anything, just following where his body was going.” I love it when mothers get a chance to feel the magic too 🙂

Dr. Barry Gillespie’s Response

I am jumping out of my skin….For all of the CFT baby people reading this excellent story (Thank you Lottie), I am putting my teaching hat on now. Class pay attention. 1. Mom knows nothing about CFT, nothing about cranial anatomy, and never took the seminar…….How did she do it? SHE LISTENED TO HER CHILD’S BODY AND FOLLOWED IT. She let go of her ego and was present for her child’s healing. Can we all do this? 2. CFT remembers the trauma of birth…these 2 ladies saw it all and allowed the spring to unwind and the child to heal. 3. The tiny voice and cry with the emotional release….it was there and recognized….wow. 4. The connection to God. Both ladies were breathing, grounded, and connected to Source (Rebecca” mantra)…..as I said in my book, This is God’s work. We just have to be the co-pilot. 5. The second person can support the entire body better to allow it to move……this was our baby day procedure….the newborn/infant web. This story is so incredible. I am so happy now that I could cry. I am very blessed to have students who are changing the world, one baby at a time.

Thank you

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