We Are The Happy Baby People

Medical professionals agree that “fussy” babies are still “healthy” babies. Since the beginning of time, everyone on the planet has accepted as fact that nursing difficulties, reflux, indigestion, gas, colic, constipation, sleep issues and infant distress are inevitable consequences of the human condition. People also recognize that some babies grow up with neurological developmental delays, and many later develop common childhood and adult diseases such as earaches, asthma and headaches. That is just the way life is.

But what if most newborns are tight due to in-utero, labor, and delivery physical and/or emotional traumas?

What if a specific score can help identify their impaired neurophysiology at birth?

What if a specific therapy can help loosen their tiny bodies to restore optimal function and possibly avoid a lifetime of suffering?

Then, imagine a world where medical professionals would acknowledge “healthy and happy babies” as the standard of care for infants.

Babies would relax, be content and sleep peacefully.

Irritating “food tube” issues such as feeding difficulties, reflux, indigestion, gas, colic and constipation would be rare.

Babies would have their best opportunity to thrive and reach their optimal cognitive potential to think, understand, reason, learn, perceive, remember, and focus/concentrate as children and adults.

Many childhood conditions such as earaches, asthma, and headaches would be rare.

Children would have the opportunity to grow up to be the very best they could be.

Now is the time for this world to become a global reality.

Even though Gillespie Approach–Craniosacral Fascial Therapy corrected many fussiness issues such as nursing, colic and reflux, we were surprised that mothers rarely mentioned their resolution. They said only that their babies were happy.

We discovered that we were not in the business of correcting infant illnesses but were in the happy-baby business.

We are The Happy Baby People.

Dr. Barry Gillespie