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A Breastfeeding Story

I enjoy posting many clinical situations, but do not often present the human aspect of CFT. I am quoting a story from a mother who brought her baby and husband from Oklahoma in the summer of 2014 for a week of CFT with me. That is quite a commitment. In all honesty these parents literally “rode the bull” through five really rough days of intense CFT. Mom cringed daily but believed in the work and trusted the process. Dad had his fingers bitten with countless sessions of intra-oral work. Mom’s story describes what finally awaited the family on the other side:

“Hindered by an un/misdiagnosed tongue tie, our dyad relationship got off to a rocky start, but we are a team and overcame every obstacle together. We went from 50/50 pumping/formula feeding by ten weeks to exclusively breastfeeding by four months of age, following a revision and extensive bodywork. Even afterward, our relationship continued to be fraught with difficulty; I struggled through painful nipple erosion and vasospasm. My baby was diagnosed with hypoxia, a disorganized suckswallowbreath reflex, and had multiple seizures. Eating was a struggle for him – be it breast or bottle. He would constantly choke and arch (extend his body backwards).

After exhausting other resources and desperate, we flew to Philadelphia for a five-day intensive with Dr. Gillespie. My son stopped choking and struggling that week. We were finally able to introduce table foods, and he now has a wide palate. He has not had a seizure since two days before treatment began, and has never needed the anti-seizure medication that was to be our “next step”.

I ceased my Advil regimen, as after the final day of CFT, the excruciating pain of nursing him was gone. My nipples stopped falling off in pieces and healed. At 27 months we are still going strong with no end in sight. Dr. Gillespie completely changed the trajectory of my little boy’s life. He is getting so big, so strong, and ever so bright. I know that God’s hands worked through Dr. Gillespie’s hands.”

Dad related this morning that his son can count in Hebrew, Spanish, and English. He knows all the letters of the alphabet. The preschool teachers relate that he speaks better than many of the older children. This is what can await you as a CFT practitioner.

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