A Red Eyelid at Birth

Baby A from NYC presented this week at six-days-old. I have treated her mom, dad, and older brother.

She was born at home with a midwife in the occiput anterior position. Baby A has been nursing well but has some wheezing and gets the hiccups every day. She also has a red left eyelid, which was not bruised during the delivery.

The baby’s upper body was relatively loose, but her pelvis was tight and twisted. When she was on her back during Gillespie Approach CFT, her left hip rode up towards her right shoulder at a right angle to her spine. We saw this pelvic fascial pull and therapeutic position often in our six years of infant research. I believe she spent significant fetal time in this compressive position around which her craniosacral fascial system is now struggling to function optimally.

I discovered that this craniosacral fascial strain pattern was pulling from her pelvis into her diaphragm (hiccups), lungs (wheezing) and left eyelid (redness). Everyone sees the world differently. Instead of looking at three separate conditions, I see them as one condition, all having the same root cause and strain pattern.

The key aspect of the Gillespie Approach is to connect the dots of many seemingly unrelated conditions in the time-space continuum of the craniosacral fascial system. This new way of thinking for health care practitioners can answer many of today’s puzzling conditions.

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