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A Story of Untreated Birth Trauma

By the child’s mother

Laura’s problems started at birth. She was born crying hysterically and kept crying for what seemed an eternity. Four hours after entering this world she calmed down long enough to start nursing. During the first four years of her life, I began to feel as though things were not quite right. Laura spent 80 percent of her waking hours in tears.

As she began school, she had her good and bad days. School became a dreaded chore. She had trouble making friends and struggled to keep up with her lessons. It would take us about 2.5 hours to do about 45 minutes worth of homework. Under the recommendation of the school counselor, I took her to see various psychologists. They wanted to put her on medications for depression and ADD.

As she got older, her attitude worsened. She went through crying spells, had misdirected anger towards pets, trouble sleeping, and severe depression. She genuinely believed that she was a bad girl and no one could ever love her. Her crying spells, depressed moods, and everything else had to come to an end. Seven years was enough, and I was open to try anything. Luckily, my older daughter was attending muscle therapy training in Oaks, PA. During that time, Dr. Gillespie had given her class an interesting lecture about his work with children. I decided to give his approach a try.

Over the course of six treatment visits, my daughter made incredible progress. Her crying spells almost came to an end. Her attitude toward school and her peers improved. Laura slept a lot better. Before, she was having difficulty breathing at night, which made her very restless and unable to get the rest she needed. Now she literally sleeps like a baby. Dr. Gillespie did this without the use of medications.

The Brain Doctor, as we affectionately call him, became a major part of our lives. I would recommend to anyone with a problematic newborn or child to try CFT. Do not wait as long as I did to give your child the proper help she/he deserves.

Dr. Gillespie’s comment:

In a perfect world, that baby would have had the BBS and CFT at birth. How that life would have changed!

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