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A Tight Uterus with Fibroids

I have been treating a teen-aged girl for ongoing issues over the last year. On the last visit her mother said during the unwinding, “That is how she looked during the first day of her life.” Mom related the story that she had fibroids on the outside of her uterus, one of which was very large. As the pregnancy developed, the fetus was clawing her nails at mom’s insides to get out. Ouch! When the baby girl was in maternity on her first day, she ripped off all of her baby clothes, including her diaper. Do you think she might have been tight?

My spin: Her onion has been peeled back to her core. This is the ultimate goal for every patient and therapist. Today the BBS/CFT identifies this at birth and deals with it then. It would be so important for every woman who wants to become pregnant to have CFT to free the strain in her uterus/abdominal cavity. What if there is so much strain in the uterus that it cannot expand completely to allow for normal fetal growth? What if there is so much unrelenting pressure for days, weeks, and months that the fetus has craniosacral fascial restrictions even before the labor and delivery? How does that play out in symptoms and conditions during the lifetime?

My experience: The doctor told my mother she could not have children because of uterine fibroids. As the only child, I was lucky to even be born. After years of CFT, I came to a point where in my therapy I was trying to get out of a tight space. Bingo! As John Barnes has taught us, “The fascia remembers.” As you treat your patients, please be aware that the fascia remembers back to conception.

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