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A Tongue-Tied Baby

A nine-week-old baby presented with colic, reflux, indigestion, and gas.

The back story is that he had difficulty nursing at birth. Doctors felt that his tongue-ties were his major issue. Since the parents felt under the gun because of possible weight loss, he had four tongue-tie surgeries at once. The parents paid $1,000 out of pocket for those procedures.

In my world I would have checked the baby minutes after birth with the Baby Brain Score (BBS). With a zero brain cycle I would have immediately started to treat him for full body tightness. I know from the Lancaster research that pelvic/trunk fascial strain can pull into the oral cavity and possibly cause tongue ties.

I would have checked him every hour on day one in the hospital for strain in his craniosacral fascial system. I am assuming that at some point he would have become strain-free. If he had difficulty nursing then, the tongue-tie surgeries may have been in order. In the ’70s, I learned as a surgeon that you always did the most conservative treatment first, and surgery was always the last resort.

Even though his surgery was “successful” for nursing, no one dealt with his pelvic/trunk strain causing the later colic, reflux, indigestion, and gas. Everyone has to realize that all of these conditions are one problem: restriction of the craniosacral fascial system. Please free up the system first at birth and then deal with any remaining medical/dental conditions.

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