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A Typical Day at the Office

I saw a 13-year-old girl who just finished orthodontics and can open her mouth only halfway. Her desperate mother ventured into my world of CFT to try to help her.

It turns out she could not breastfeed at all—bingo! We saw this in our infant research with the breastfeeding-issue babies. TMJ can start at birth, and no one notices/corrects the problem then. So here we are as an untreated teenager.

She also had upper back and neck pain. As expected the fascia here was pulling hard on her TMJ. It is so important to have CFT at birth.

I am seeing many adults go back into their in utero strain patterns. You are probably seeing that in your practice too. One woman goes back into a compressive twist that could not possibly be an accidental position. The strains in this position hamper her daily life.

My gut feeling is that the body can release delivery traumas quicker as momentary traumatic events. The compressive positional in utero strains, where the fascial web is developing over an extended period of time into an unphysiologic twist, seem to be our biggest core issue in the practice of CFT.

I saw a zero cycle young lady from New England this week; her craniosacral fascial system opened beautifully. She plans to go back to high school the Fall to play ice hockey on the boy’s team. As Mike Myers has said many times, we only make suggestions and recommendations to people. We do not tell them what to do.

For CFT practitioners, connecting the dots is extremely important. I have a man who now has “separate” foot arch pain and neck pain. Neither area is talking with CFT. But when he connects them, he quickly goes into a specific in utero compressive position.

After 40 years of CFT, sometimes I feel pretty sophisticated. But I know this is just the beginning for CFT, and someday this will be looked at as rudimentary. Hey, it is still fun being part of the Wright Brothers team.

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