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A Zero Baby Brain Score (BBS)

Mike and I saw an infant this week who was a perfect example of why all newborns should have the opportunity to receive the BBS/CFT at birth. His labor and delivery history included being stuck in his mother’s pelvis for seven hours prior to birth. The baby was having difficulty breastfeeding, was extremely fussy, and vomited large amounts frequently.

Had the BBS been implemented with this infant at his birth, his score would have been zero. His brain and sacral cycles were both zero. The cord was wrapped so tight that the midwife had to quickly cut it. He had severe plagiocephaly leaving his head shape value at a zero.

In treatment, he had craniosacral fascial strain twisting through his trunk, up thru his cervical tissues, and into his cranium. When I held his throat, the strain was intense, and the visual appearance looked as if he was being hung. After his body released, he gave Mike and I a huge smile. The intensity of the situation became much lighter at that point.

While we are thankful this child is receiving CFT now, clearing his trauma at birth would have been urgently indicated.

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