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Acute Chorea Update

Here is the latest update on the child we are treating who was diagnosed with acute chorea last spring. She has been receiving CFT every 3-5 weeks from us since April 2015. We visited her this week and her mother reported that all symptoms of the chorea are gone!

The remaining symptom that we were working with was weakness in her hands, which was affecting her ability to complete schoolwork. That is completely resolved and the family is very happy with the results from CFT.

Over the last 8 months, we worked through her large “onion ” to the core strain, which was deep in her throat. Not so coincidentally, the chorea developed in her nervous system after a bout of strep throat. The remaining strain that was present this week was a very small amount in her throat. The rest of her body was strain-free.

We started this case completely unfamiliar with this condition. It has been a blessing to be able to work with this family. Their patience, dedication, and trust allowed us to once again experience the power that this work holds.

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