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Acute Chorea

Here is an update on the child with acute chorea after 2 1/2 months of CFT every other week, other than the last treatment, which was 4 weeks apart. She is doing very well. The parents have seen a 90% improvement to this point. She is no longer having the uncontrollable movements with her limbs. Her tongue and other oral symptoms have settled as well. She was able to lay on the table for treatment without any restlessness or involuntary movement.

The last remaining problem from the condition is that she cannot relax at night to sleep. Upon assessment, the last remaining strain that I felt today was located deep in the throat tissues at the base of the tongue and soft palate. All fascial strain patterns throughout the course of treatment have corresponded to her symptoms. Today it felt like we were working at the core of the issue since her condition started after a bout of strep throat. We will update her condition after her next treatment.

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