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The Adult Archer

A 47-year-old woman presented yesterday with low back strain, neck strain, and Hashimoto’s Disease. She grinds her teeth at night and is always “wired.”

When I evaluate anyone with low back/neck strain, the arching red flag immediately goes up in my mind. In our research of 800 infants, about 25% were archers, i.e. infants who would constantly bend back on their own into extension with different severity. Clinically, they can still hold that craniosacral fascial strain pattern into adulthood.

On evaluation she easily went back into an arch. When I inquired about the arching, she validated this aspect. Among other things, she loved to do back bends in school. To this day she still cannot sleep on her back.

In therapy a tremendous strain from her low back pulled through her neck extremely hard into her head. Afterward the treatment, she felt less pressure in her back, neck, and head. She even swallowed differently. Her brain cycle opened to 60 seconds, and a new world appeared to her. I mentioned that the thyroid (Hashimoto’s Disease) may possibly be part of this strain pattern.

I suggested that maybe she felt “wired” and was a jaw grinder because she has been holding on to this strain her entire life. We shall see in future visits. Our goal is to check/treat every newborn so people like this woman do not have to suffer needlessly for 47 years.

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