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Adult and Child Hand Placement

I will describe my most common hand placements for adults and children, but you can have patients hold any one or two spots of their body.

My favorite upper body position is having them sit in the middle of the table with their legs hanging off. I am behind them with my hands holding the back of their neck for the entire technique.

When I have tapped into a strain pattern, it may take their upper body to their right, left, or back, and the table will catch them. This connects head and neck issues that start in the trunk and pelvis.

For anyone with an eye issue, I will have them hold one eye, then the other eye, and then both eyes. They would place their index finger gently over their eyelid, like a butterfly landed there. This can be corrective for many people since eye issues can be rooted in fascial web strains.

If a red ring around the front of the throat suddenly appears, a cord may be remembered. When they hold this area in therapy, a choking feeling may arise.

If they are having headaches, I have them hold the spot where it hurts. Many times, you will feel strain from the trunk pulling into that area of the head. If they have a new pain during the visit, have them hold that spot and see what layer of the onion appears.

If they have pelvic and head, jaw, and neck issues, have them hold their pelvic floor over their clothes with one hand and the upper-body problem area with the other hand. Now you can see how a jaw problem can start in the pelvis.

For lower-body issues, I will hold one leg, then the other leg, and then both legs as they connect some dots with one or two hands. Make any connection that makes sense in that moment. Let the patient assist you in facilitating their healing.

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