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Adult Issues From Birth

Yesterday a young woman in her 30’s came for treatment and her chief complaint was TMJ pain and severe clenching at night. She listed a multitude of symptoms on her intake. I noted that she complained of lifelong digestive issues and bouts of constipation. She was very thin and reported she has difficulty even eating.

When I began to evaluate, I noticed that she had a very pronounced spiral strain in the center of her abdominal region. I then asked her more questions and she reported she has a tongue tie, and that her mom said she suffered from colic as a baby, difficulty with nursing etc….basically every symptom that we see in babies at birth.

Upon some further questioning she is also suffering from severe menstrual issues and experiencing miscarriages. Not that it hasn’t been clear but it was glaringly obvious what fascial strains in life can do to us as adults. All the symptomology that we see in babies just becomes worse in adulthood.

She was able to unwind some layers and get a bit of relief of her chief complaint of TMJ pain/clenching which quickly moved down the list as she never thought all the other issues were related. So proud and grateful that with CFT and MFR we can help individuals suffering in more ways than they even thought possible.

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