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Adult Sinus, Neck, and Low Back Issues

I am so excited for one of my patients.

She has suffered with a sinus problem for her entire 41-year lifetime. To help mitigate the problem, she eats the cleanest diet, lives the perfect lifestyle, has home air purifiers, and has done the whole nine yards for the ideal sinus environment. She has tried every sinus therapy under the sun without success. She also has chronic neck pain and low back pain.

After seeing her for a number of visits, I recently found a twisting fascial strain pattern connecting the dots from her low back through her neck into her sinuses. They immediately opened and have been draining continuously ever since then. Great news! The body is detoxing a lifetime of debris.

When this strain pattern is worked through in therapy, I am expecting very good things to happen for her. It appears that she was born with an undiagnosed torticollis-like strain pattern from her pelvis into her neck and sinuses. No matter what she did for her sinuses, her underlying causative birth issue was never accessed and addressed.

I first started to see this phenomenon in 1978 when I discovered that neck fascia can pull on patients’ sinuses. Years later I found that for many people this fascial strain pattern initiated in the pelvic area where the lower back pulled on the neck and sinuses. Around 2010, I discovered that the root of the problem for many patients was fetal birth trauma setting them up for a lifetime of suffering. As much as I enjoyed periodontal surgery in the last century, this fascial web adventure has been an exciting lifetime experience for me.

I contend that many of us unknowingly suffer for a lifetime due to our birth traumas. Let’s do the right thing for the next generation.

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