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An Infant’s Story

by Elizabeth Hanson and Rose Grimson

Baby K. is currently 6 months old. He came to our North Dakota practice at the age of about 3 1/2 months with a laundry list of issues.

He was born a month premature and was slow to hit his milestones. He had sucking, latching, and swallowing issues to the point where he was not able to breastfeed. He still had active reflux and gas with a bottle. He had a nondescended testicle, an inguinal hernia, difficulty inflating his lungs, frequent respiratory infections, a nonfunctional left arm, deformed (flatten) facial features, two subluxated thoracic vertebrae, and a heart defect. To all of these problems his pediatrician and various specialists said he would need surgery.

He has had a total of six CFT sessions with Rose Grimson and/or I over the last 2 1/2 months. His last session was a week before we went Kristen Kercher Myers and Michael D Myers’ mentorship program. He was not sitting up yet, totally unable to support himself for even for a short time.

Rose did his seventh session and worked mostly in his sacral area. A few days later his family took him for his six-month pictures, and he was able to sit unassisted for five minutes. He had his six-month well baby check up while we were in Pennsylvania last week, and the doctors declared him a typically developing six-month-old. They felt that all of his issues had resolved completely except for some flattening of the facial structures and a little weakness to his left arm.

We just think it is amazing that a baby that was thought to need multiple surgeries to correct multiple birth defects has been able to come so far in just 2 1/2 months!

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