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Arching, Mouth Breathing, and a Sacral Dimple

Dr. Barry Gillespie Writes:

Mom said that her baby arches his back a lot, but his pediatrician said that was not an issue. In our world, it is a huge problem. I believe that dorsal fascial strain pulling from this baby’s sacrum to his head possibly created his sacral dimple on the pelvic end and his nasopharynx airway narrowing, drooling, and choking on the cranial end.

Mom Writes:

“My five-month-old was born with a sacral dimple, mouth breathes, drools constantly, chokes quite often, nurses only side-lying, and absolutely hates his car seat. Since his first appointment visit last week, things are now looking up for him!

On our way to your office, which was a two-and-a-half-hour drive, my son cried for an hour and finally fell asleep out of exhaustion. He woke up crying until we got him out of the car. I was so excited to bring him to you, knowing that you would be able to help.

At first, it was very stressful for me as a mom to hear him crying while his fascia was releasing. But after you demonstrated on me, I realized how relieving this was going to be for him, so we continued with therapy. After crying for a while during one release, he looked up at me and smiled even though he was exhausted.

When we got in the car, he fell asleep within ten minutes without any crying. Which he has never done before. At home, we noticed he was nursing better, sleeping better, doing so much better in his car seat, and his sacral dimple was not nearly as deep as it had been when he was born.

It’s so amazing how after the appointment my son just completely relaxed and loosened up in my arms. Overall, he’s a happier, more content baby.

After our second and third appointments, he just kept getting better by sleeping longer in his car seat, waking up happy, and playing by himself. He has started sleeping with his mouth shut the majority of the time. Thank you so much for what you do!”

Dr. Barry Gillespie Writes:

Happy Baby = Happy Mom. We rest our case.

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