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“Are You Hurting My Baby?”

If a super-tight baby presents for therapy, mom can have a rough time during the first session. She must bridge the gap between perception and reality.

Perception: As her baby is crying, it looks to her that I am hurting her precious infant by making her cry. Questioning thoughts “Should I be here?” and “Am I doing the right thing?” may go through her mind.

Reality: As I am holding her baby, I am listening for fascial strains inside her body. I am letting the infant talk to me. I am allowing her to release whatever strain, however unpleasant for observers, that needs to come out at that moment.

A principle of the Gillespie Approach states that we need to revisit and clear in space and time our traumas for authentic healing. To have a happy baby, the infant needs to work through all of the emotional and physical traumas of those forty weeks.

If mom chooses to stop the process, does that mean the infant is stuck holding onto these traumas for a lifetime? It makes sense to clean the slate now if mom agrees with that philosophy.

Some sensitive areas are the pelvic floor and lower back (constipation), diaphragm (breathing, digestion, and reflux), and neck (torticollis). The most sensitive areas can be the jaw joints (TMJs, breastfeeding).

I have seen many adults with TMJ who have had a lifetime of suffering. If they had the chance, they would have jumped at a little discomfort in infancy to have prevented their nightmare.

The world needs to see that the ultimate goal is to mitigate the soft tissue strains at birth.

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