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Baby Brain Score, Shoulder Unwinding

I saw a 4-day-old baby today alone at my office.

Mom had taken the seminar and had a great natural birth experience. She was loose and ready to go. Three-hour hour labor. Much better than her first baby at home.

No time for the midwife to get to the house. Rushed out. Almost went in the car on the way. Ten-minute delivery at a birthing center. No time for a water birth like her first. Mom checked her after she was born and did some CFT in the pelvis. She forgot how to do the shoulders.

Today, I found that the BBS was a perfect 8. Great job, mom.

One unusual factor: She was born with her left arm raised to the side of her head.

Funny, the sonograms continually showed her in the same position in utero. Mom even felt the punching, too. Trying to get out? Sure enough, big shoulder unwindings, especially the left side.

Moral: Perfect BBS can still have strain. I showed mom how to do the shoulders while she held the head, and I had her do it a few times before she left. I told the baby to have a great life.

I probably will never see her again. We are killing the sick-child business! This is soooooooo exciting. It will change everything. Thank you, everyone, for supporting my passion.

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