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Be the Best You Can Be

One of the great benefits of doing the infant work is getting updates via Christmas cards.

In the summer of 2014 Michale Chatham referred an Oklahoma baby/family to me for two hours of CFT per day for five consecutive days. The baby had some difficult fussiness issues, enough for the parents to fly to Philadelphia for a week in the hopes of having a happier/healthier baby.

In CFT the maternal emotions were high, and dad had his finger bitten a few times in the oral work. But I remember the baby left much happier with a very high brain cycle and a freer fascial web….in my world the potential to be a smart child. Michele followed up CFT in her Kansas office.

I opened the Christmas card today to an adorable photo of an angelic child with the following note: “Our little guy is three-years-old. He loves Beethoven, Stevie Wonder, and anything related to construction. His pre-school director of almost 30 years shared with me that she could talk to my son all day. She said they do not have kids asking the types of questions he asks: ‘What is inside the rain? Why does something look bigger as you get closer, even though it stays the same size? What makes God God?’ ”

My original idea of the newborn work was not only to prevent disease, but also to maximize central nervous system function. We all understand that every human being is different in many ways. We just want to offer everyone the chance to be the best s(he) can be.

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