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Bedwetting, Constipation, and Circumcision

I cannot even imagine what it would have been like when I was nine years old and still wetting the bed every night. A mom said that since her nine-year-old son has been out of diapers, he has wet the bed every night without fail—every night.

When I thought about his condition, I was close to violating one of our golden rules of healing. I felt for him and became very attached to a positive outcome. I had to refocus, ground myself, and just help him loosen his pelvic fascial tissues over a series of visits. I had to let God do the healing.

Even with eating produce and no bread, he was also constipated, having hard stools once a week. If mom did tummy massages every night and he had flax seeds, he had softer bowel movements, but still only every 2 to 3 days.

He presented with a zero-second brain cycle and extremely restricted fascia in his pelvic and abdominal areas. It was tight enough where I felt that therapy could possibly be the answer for both issues. He also had a circumcision.

That is a tricky issue. I have found that males can react on both extremes. Some have no apparent surgical fascial side effects, and others have a severe restriction of the fascial web running through their bodies. I have no scientific explanation. For this child I did not try to distinguish between the soft tissue birth trauma and the surgical trauma. I just listened to his body.

When I held both of his legs in therapy, he went into a severe strain pattern from his pelvis into his abdominal cavity. At the end of the session his brain cycle opened beautifully, and his pelvic and abdominal tissues felt softer. I was hopeful.

Pediatricians see two distinct conditions managed with two different protocols. But in the corrective context of craniosacral fascial therapy, I believe that both conditions are rooted in the same cause(s). My wish is that someday the world will see that concept.

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