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Bilateral Pigeon-toed or Intoeing Fetal Birth Trauma

For years I have discussed the negative effects of sustained fetal compressive strains. The most damaging strain may be the bilateral pigeon-toed or intoeing position.

Of all the soft tissue birth traumas, fetal strains can be the most difficult to resolve because of abnormal fascial web development from conception. If this web grows in a twisted compressed fetal position, the body does not have a normally formed fascial template to return to in therapy.

The body now has to rewire the developmental twists during treatment into a more functional state. Forceps, vacuum-assisted suction, and cord wrap can be serious, but sustained fetal compressive strains may be the most difficult for the body to heal.

The most challenging fetal strain may be the bilateral pigeon-toed or intoeing position. When you hold the feet of an infant, child, or adult, the fascia will strain both feet into this position, similar to a partial bilateral clubfoot appearance.

At birth the fascial web remembers that strain. If left untreated, it can unfortunately wreak havoc on the entire web for a lifetime with ankle, calf, knee, leg, pelvic, back, and upper-body issues. When the onion layers peel in therapy, patients may improve but never seem to get to their happy place.

If they are strained in a intoeing position, prepare for the long haul. I am baffled why this fetal position can make for a difficult correction since the body may keep returning there, unwilling to fully release. Honestly, I do not know how to facilitate the healing by doing more than just listening to the tissues. If you find the answer, please share with the group.

Birth trauma causing fascial strain and subsequent disease is fresh thinking that may question ingrained conventional wisdom, challenge widespread medical assumptions, and confront entrenched vested interests.

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