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Birth Trauma Possibly Led to Rotated Molar

Today, a 12-year-old boy with ALF (alternative lightwire function) orthodontics presented with a rotated lower molar. In the conventional dental world, standard orthodontic protocols can rotate the tooth back into the correct bite. In my world, is fascial strain in play?

I have spent my career asking why. A possible hypothesis is that birth trauma, probably from sustained fetal compression, created a full-body strain going into his neck and mandible.

The fetal jaw tissue is non-osseous so a torticollis-like neck fascial twisting strain can easily transverse into the jaw. From there it can encircle any small tooth bud, forcing it to later erupt full-grown into a rotated position.

In some post orthodontic cases the tooth will go back to its original pre-orthodontic position. Is fascial strain pulling it back?

For that matter, can malocclusion start as a result of birth trauma, and, if so, can it be corrected with Gillespie Approach directly at birth? Interesting thoughts for the dental profession.

Birth trauma causing fascial strain and subsequent disease is fresh thinking that may question ingrained conventional wisdom, challenge widespread medical assumptions, and confront entrenched vested interests.

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