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Brain Cycle Shoots From Zero to 100 Seconds

I saw a seven-month-old on an initial visit today. He presented with failure to thrive, constipation, sleep issues, gas, and hiccups. His doctor said it was normal for breastfed babies not to have a bowel movement for 7 days. Mom and I strongly disagree.

What was cute was that mom was going to bring this baby #2 in earlier but she forgot my name. She had brought baby #1 in years ago, and all she could think of was Dr. Loose. (Google does not have me listed under that name.) This also happened to me about ten years ago.

The unusual aspect of this case was the fascial tightness in the peritoneum attaching the digestive organs to the posterior wall of the abdominal cavity. I could feel with my fingertips that his back on the skin surface was also straining with that pattern.

The pressure started to release nicely, and his brain cycle went from zero seconds to 100 seconds. Wow, a nice visit. I am expecting good things to happen for him over the next few sessions.

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