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A Breastfeeding/Failure-to-Thrive Issue

A friend referred full-term ten-day-old Baby S to my service in North Dakota because he and mom were admitted to the hospital for failure to thrive. Baby S had lost an additional pound after leaving the hospital after birth.

This first-time mom did not have much in the way of home support for breastfeeding, and Baby S had difficulty staying awake, latching, and sucking. Mom did the best she could and went to the pediatrician for assistance. She found herself with her baby in the hospital being harassed to give up on breastfeeding because “she couldn’t produce enough milk.”

Two CFT sessions with baby S, working mostly in the neck and pelvis, improved his latch, suck, swallow and ability to stay awake for feedings. While in the hospital Baby S gained 12 ounces in 3 days and was released this morning. I referred mom to her nearest La Leche League chapter (she had never heard of this wonderful group) for further support.

Why don’t hospitals and pediatricians support breastfeeding moms more with referrals to LLL? Why is it always assumed that mother cannot produce enough milk and therefore must stop breastfeeding? Why are medical people always so quick to decide that breastfeeding is the problem? How do we get the word out that improving baby’s ability to latch, suck and swallow helps mom produce more milk? So frustrated!

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