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Breastfeeding Issues and Failure to Thrive

Baby L had breast-feeding issues and failure to thrive. Ten hours of CFT revealed the following onion: pelvic twisting, back strain, shoulder tightness, and then severe left TMJ. When that cleared, one might expect we would be good to go but no, a fierce right TMJ appeared.

When that cleared, the neck kicked in. When that cleared, we were still not good to go since stridor-like breathing appeared. All of that cleared with ten hours of CFT, and we will wait to see how she does.

I can see how she has been on the breast every hour for months to nurse. Her jaws probably hurt during nursing and the tightness in her larynx probably limited her breathing while sucking and swallowing.

The suck/swallow/breathe is a critical skill that needs to be mastered to thrive. If I ruled the world, she would have been evaluated and cleared in her first few days of life to prevent this situation.

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