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Breathing Birth Trauma

At the Family Hope Center we see brain-injured children. This is a pointed story that may happen to you as a CFT professional one day. I was working on a young boy from the Southwest. I was just listening and following the body closely like usual without any force or pressure. His mother was only a few feet from us, watching very closely. At one point she said that he stopped breathing. I had seen that also and immediately said, I know. Many seconds later he started breathing again. His history was that he had a delayed first breath in minutes and was revisiting that time. A similar incidence happened to another FHC therapist with a child in France about 10 years ago. An even larger lesson is that you really need to believe that you are just the co-pilot with the pilot in control.

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Dr. Barry Gillespie

Dr. Barry Gillespie founded Gillespie Approach–Craniosacral Fascial Therapy, which provides patients with a freely moving brain, spinal cord and fascial web, all critical to optimal health. Dr. Barry Gillespie also created the Baby Brain Score and discovered effective therapeutic techniques for newborns and infants. Read more about Dr. Barry Gillespie.

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