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Brown Syndrome

A mom recently emailed me asking if therapy could possibly help her baby with Brown syndrome, a condition where the eye is unable to move upward. I felt that our work could help this condition.

The action of the superior oblique muscle of the eye moves the eye upward. Fascial strain in this muscle and its tendon sheath could inhibit this function. Since our work can be effective with diseases involving the five other major eye muscles, I would expect this condition to be similar in nature.

The important factor about working with eye conditions is that the root of the problem is probably not originating in the eyes. The disease may be starting as fascial strain in the pelvis running through the neck into the eyes.

Since full-body therapy is important, I usually start at the feet and work my way up the body feeling for strain. I believe that the neck and eye fascial connection can be the most critical aspect.

To address that factor, baby is sitting on mom’s lap facing her. Her hands are holding baby’s waist as my hands, from behind the infant, are holding the back and sides of the neck.

Mom gently holds her index and middle fingers of one hand over one eye socket of the baby. Because her hand is acting energetically as my third treatment hand, we can directly connect the dots of the offending strain pattern.

I will feel the neck fascia straining and wait for the tissues to release. We repeat with the other eye and go back and forth until the tissues are quiet. I will check for any residual strain at the next visit.

When you look at some incurable diseases pragmatically in the light of the fascial web, the Gillespie Approach can make perfect sense.

Our work deals with universal and timeless issues. Every human being spends time in a uterus and experiences birth. 90% of us have soft tissue strain from delivery, labor, and fetal traumas. Let’s work the tightness out on day one to prevent a lifetime of suffering.

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