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A Call to Pediatricians

I would love to have all pediatricians involved with this work to greatly expand their capabilities to help children.

A four-month-old presented with the typical fussiness issues. After the 11th visit, some reflux still remained, a little unusual since it was well beyond the normal 5 to 8 fussy-baby visits.

Her savvy mom noticed that when she was on her tummy, she was uncomfortable and not able to move her neck from side to side. Strangely, she could move her neck fine otherwise.

I connected these possible dots: on her tummy she put more strain on her diaphragm and lower esophageal sphincter causing reflux + a fascial strain pattern connecting this area to her neck.

Sure enough, when mom held her diaphragmatic area and I held her neck, a deep connecting strain pattern presented where she was not happy. We revisited it a few times before it cleared, and her happiness returned.

I would bet the farm that no pediatrician on the planet would have made this discovery. But I believe that if they looked at the infant fascial web, they would be able to routinely handle problems like this one.

All of my discoveries are available on the Internet for free to anyone. If you are a pediatrician, Kim and Holly would love to teach you to get in the game.

On a related point, for years some observant mothers have told me that their doctors sometimes blow them off when asking too many questions. The medical world cannot relate to their observations via their drug-surgery-technology platform. They become the “problem” moms in their pediatric practices.

I have discovered that if a mom tells me something, it is almost certainly true, and I need to listen closely to connect some dots. No one knows their child better than a mother.

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