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CFT and Drug Toxicity

A toddler currently in my CFT care recently had an upper GI endoscopy with inhalation anesthesia. The results were medically clear, but her mom said she has been out of sorts since the procedure.

I found that her good brain cycle of 150 seconds had gone to zero seconds. This is a normal finding where the drug appears to have crossed the blood-brain barrier into the cerebrospinal fluid and temporarily restricts the craniosacral fascial system. In time a healthy child will detoxify the medication, and the system will return to normal function.

When the fascia releases in CFT in this state, do not expect the brain to release out of that zero-second cycle. We see this in detoxing children and adults; their zero cycles open when their body clears out the toxins. I experienced this many times in 1980 when I went from Mr. Lifelong Dairy to a vegan….glad those days are over.

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