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CFT at Birth – Maryland

By Chandra Sherman

Here it is, the long awaited Maryland Baby Day Update #1. We are one baby away from being at capacity, though I think we will have our first graduate soon.

Several weeks ago, a mother who was referred to me by our common midwife made an appointment for her 6-week-old son, Baby J. The day of the appointment she called to say her Pediatrician was admitting Baby J to the hospital for Failure to Thrive. Two weeks later, she rescheduled and explained that Baby J had been diagnosed with Down Syndrome and although he seemed to be nursing well, he was not gaining weight. The hospital wanted give him a feeding tube and switch to formula.

Instead Mom chose to bring him for CFT first. It was very humbling to have Mom put her faith in us. When we met, she said “I absolutely believe miracles can happen with what you are doing.” During his first appointment, Baby J was very tight and very unhappy. He moved through several arching patterns and each time his head turned sharply to the left. Mom shared that the chiropractor had previously discovered a torticollis on his left side. At the second session, Mom reported not much change. During treatment he was a bit calmer and arched much less. At our third session, Baby J seemed totally different and was very content throughout the entire treatment, even smiling at me.

Mom reported that he was finally able to stretch his legs out and no longer kept them balled up to his chest and his nystagmus (involuntary eye movement) had decreased. Finally, she shared that before CFT he had only been gaining about 2 ounces per week. In between his second and third visit he had gained an entire pound! She was so happy and thankful that she had waited on the feeding tube. We are all very excited to see how this little guy progresses through treatment.

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